Name Description Instruments/Softwares
Thermistor Characteristics Trainer This trainer kit consists of negative temperature co-efficient type thermistor sensor as a temperature sensor. It has a built-in power supply and 3½ Digit Digital indicator for voltage display. There is an offset variable provision and a thermometer is provided to monitor the actual temperature.
Load Cell Trainer Module It has a pan provision for placing the standard weights. It has a built-in power supply and 3½ Digit Digital indicator to display the applied load. There is an offset variable provision and a signal conditioner for the load cell. It is mounted in an elegant powder coated cabinet with mimic diagram.
DC servo motor speed control system This trainer designed for versatile Applications / Experiments mentioned below. It consists of(i) a PWM Chopper Drive using MOSFET (ii) DC Servo Motor (iii) Speed Sensor (v) PI Loop for speed. This trainer system is a compact & advanced version for class room experiment setup for the students to operate and study a practical speed measurement using optical sensor and speed control system.
Hall Effect Transducer Trainer Voltage and Current measurement can be done in this Hall effect Transducer Trainer. Signal Conditioner is added with the sensor and it has an output voltage range of 0-5 Volts. It consists of analog meter to indicate the input voltage and input current. Auto transformer is provided to vary the input voltage. It has a built-in power supply and 3½ Digit Digital indicator to display the signal conditioned output voltage. It is mounted in a closed metal cabinet.
LDR/ Photodiode/ Photo Transistor Trainer It is used for performing many experiments with optical sensors. 5 volts/12 volts DC Lamp fitted in a tubular frame. A 15 cm scale to indicate the distance between the light source and the sensor under test. All the sensors are mounted in a single tubular frame with adjustable knob provision to vary the distance between light and sensor. It consists of the built-in instrumentation power supply and a miniature connector is provided to interface the digital meters.
Strain measurement Trainer It contains of a cantilever beam of maximum weight upto 1 kg with a pan with slotted weights to vary the strain. It has a built-in power supply, signal conditioning card for the strain gauge and 3½ Digit Digital indicator for displaying the strain. It is mounted in a sleek cabinet with offset and gain variable provision.
Potentiometer Study Trainer Potentiometer Study Trainer consists of linear variable resistive transducer of range 0-50 mm. The output voltage is between 0-5 V DC. It has a built-in power supply and a digital indicator to display the voltage or displacement. Resistive potentiometer is also provided to study the angular displacement of the transducer.