Proprietary Software by Wind River System-VxWorks

Name Description Instruments/Softwares
VxWorks RTOS Siemens needed RTOS to handle tasks that are deterministic, require fast response from the operating system, and are critical to maintaining an adequate level of process security. Using VxWorks instead of building and maintaining our own operating system will allow us to accelerate our time-to-market by four months and reduce our technical costs by 50%. Additionally, this solution will improve the overall performance.
Wind River Workbench development environment The workspace is the place, where your projects will be stored. It is recommended to place workspace under your home directory (/home/ under Linux).
VxWorks Network Configuration Features:
  • Routing Protocols
  • Remote Access Services
  • Network Stack
  • VxWorks Network Configuration
Porting VxWorks Application to Linux Porting an application to or from VxWorks® is one of the important tasks that embedded engineers come across in their careers. Mapusoft’s OS Changer® VxWorks Porting kit to automatically migrate and re-use your VxWorks® applications across a wide variety of Linux distributions and platform configurations. Combining OS Changer Porting Kit with Linux OK kit provides a highly integrated development environment that combines VxWorks and Linux applications development with optimization benefits.