Name Description Instruments/Softwares
I/P and P/I Converter I/P and P/I converter setup is designed for understanding basic principles of electronic and pneumatic signal conversion. The setup consists of I/P converter, P/I converter, digital calibrator, pressure gauges and air regulator and air filter regulator. The Digital calibrator is used as current source to supply 4-20 mA DC to I/P converter and to measure the output current in mA DC from P/I converter. I/P converter gives the output as 3-15 psig and P/I converter gives output as 4-20 mA DC.
Cascade Control Trainer IThe setup is designed to understand the advanced control methods used for complex processes in the industries. Different experiments like Flow, Level and Cascade control can be configured and studied with the setup. It consists of water supply tank, pumps, level transmitter, transparent level tank, orifice meter with differential pressure transmitter, rotameter, pneumatic control valve, I/P converter and data acquisition device. These units along with necessary piping are mounted on support housing designed for tabletop mounting. The process signals from level transmitter and flow transmitter are connected to Multifunction I/O & NI‐DAQMX which is connected to computer through USB port communication.
Flow Measurement The setup is designed to study different type of units used for flow measurement such as Venturimeter, Orifice meter, Pitot tube, Rotameter, Water meter. This setup consists of flow measurement units under study, supply tank, Submersible pump for closed loop water circulation, acrylic measuring tank with graduated scale and differential pressure measuring arrangement mounted on standalone structure.
Control Valve Characteristics The setup is designed to understand the control valve operation and its flow characteristics. It consists of pneumatic control valves of linear, equal% (& quick opening) type, stainless steel water tank with pump for continuous water circulation and rotameter for flow measurement. An arrangement is made to measure pressure at the valve inlet in terms of mm of water. An air regulator and pressure gauge are provided for the control valve actuation. In case of additional optional requirement, a valve positioner is fitted on linear valve. The setup is stand-alone type.
First Order and Second Order System The setup is designed to study of transient response of first- order and second-order systems. First-order system:
  • Step response of thermometer
  • Step response of thermo well
  • Sinusoidal response of thermo well
Second-order system:
  • Step response of mercury manometer
  • Step response of manometer
Setup consists of ‘U’ tube manometer, heating bath, thermometer, thermo well, beeper for recording observations and timer for heater on-off operation. The components are mounted on base plate. The setup is tabletop mountable.
Temperature Measurement The setup is designed to study
  • Different types of temperature sensors for characteristics and time constants
  • Seebeck effect
  • Temperature indicator and its calibration
  • Temperature transmitter and its calibration
  • Compensating cable, thermocouple connector
It consists of:
  • Temperature indicator, temperature sensors such as mercury in glass thermometer, bimetal dial thermometer, RTD, thermistor and thermocouple.
  • Two wire temperature transmitters with power supply.
  • Thermocouple connector and compensating cable
  • Bare elements of RTD, Thermistor, Thermocouple
  • Hot water bath, Ice bath, Multi-meter and 4.1/2 Digit millivoltmeter
INTERACTING AND NON-INTERACTING SYSTEM The setup is designed to study dynamic response of single and multi-capacity processes when connected in interacting and non-interacting mode.
It is combined to study
  • Single capacity process,
  • Non-interacting process and
  • Interacting process.
The observed step response of the tank level in different mode can be compared with mathematically predicted response. Setup consists of supply tank, pump for water circulation, rotameter for flow measurement, transparent tanks with graduated scales, which can be connected, in interacting and non-interacting mode. The components are assembled on frame to form tabletop mounting.
Level Measurement Level measurement setup is designed to demonstrate principles of liquid level measurement by air purge method and by use of differential pressure transmitter. It consists of air pump, air purge tube, manometer, transparent tank with graduated scale, supply tank, water pump, differential pressure transmitter (DPT) and level indicator. The DPT is powered by the digital indicator with provision to tap and measure the loop current. Tank level is displayed on digital indicator. Setup is designed for tabletop mounting.
Non-Linear level Control Non-linear level control is designed for understanding the principles of non-linear level control. The process setup consists of SS spherical tank, and conical process tanks and supply water tank with pump for water circulation. A pneumatic control valve with I/P convertor manipulates the water flow in to the process tank. These units along with necessary piping are fitted on support housing designed for tabletop mounting. Level transmitter is used for sensing level in the process tanks. The product interfaces with computer through NI USB DAQ card and controlled by specially developed control software.