List of Special Invitees
Name of Invited Expert: Dr. S. A. V. Satyamurty, Former Director, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalapakkam, Tamilnadu
Domain expert in Fields: Nuclear Reactor Technology including nuclear safety
Date Visited: 28-03-2019
As ‘Chief Guest’ for ‘EKARIKTHIN – 19’ and delivered a special talk on ‘Cyber security in industrial control system’
Name of Invited Expert: Shri. Ramalingam Lakshminarayanan, Vice President (Projects), Banking and Financial services, Cognigent Technical Solution, Chennai
Domain expert in Fields: Banking and Financial services, Cognigent Technical Solution, Chennai
Date Visited: 30-01-2019
Deliver a talk on “Digital Technologies in real life” & Address to our students and faculty members about the future scope of collaborative research with M/s Cognigent Technical Solution.
Name of Invited Expert: Prof. Steffen Leonhardt, Chair of Medical Information Technology at RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Domain expert in Fields: Electrical Engineer with a background in computers, instrumentation and control
Date Visited: 18-03-2019 To 21-03-2019
Delivered Lectures on Medical Information Technology
Name of Invited Expert: Dr. Rajagopala Chidambaram, Former principal scientific adviser, Govt. of India and Former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, India
Domain expert in Fields: Physics
Date Visited: 28-02-2019
Cheif Guest for "Science Day" Programe and inagurate NIT nagaland Science Society
Name of Invited Expert: Prof. Pedro A. Guil Asensio, University of Murcia, Spain
Domain expert in Fields: Associative rings and algebras; Category theory; homological algebra
Date Visited: 11-02-2919 To 14-02-2019
Delivered Lectures on Rings and Module Theory
Name of Invited Expert: Prof. A.M. Mathai, McGill University, Canada and Centre for Mathematical Science Pala, Campus, Palai, Kerala
Domain expert in Fields: Mathematics, statistics, astrophysics
Date Visited: 21-01-2019 to 25-01-2019
He has explained the fundamental of Matrices, Linear Algebra and vector calculus to B.Tech.-I Year Students and motivation towards the mathematical skill. He has also given mathematical insight on Matrix Arguments and multivariate calculus to the M.Tech. and PhD students of our Institute during one-week program.