Central Library

The Central Library of NIT Nagaland, which is one of the important central facilities of the Institute, supports teaching, learning, research and creative endeavors of the Institute. The Central Library provides modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources and also provides on - demand access to the available intellectual resources and research products to NIT Nagaland faculty and students, as well as to the greater community of learners beyond NIT Nagaland with the support of value added services to the users.

Presently the Central Library has a collection of more than 9,500 books in the area of Engineering, Technology, Basic Sciences, Management, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities including text books, reference books etc. The Central Library also having 1400+ of e-books on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Civil, Mechanical & Computer Science and other non-book materials such as NPTEL videos, CDs/CD-ROMs, etc. The library also has latest collections of periodicals, magazines and newspapers. The services and operations in the Central Library are fully computerized using Integrated Library Management Software with OPAC and RFID Technology. RFID tagging of entire collections are up to date.


  • To support and strengthen the Institute to be a Centre of National Importance in teaching, learning, and research in the field of engineering & technical education.
  • To develop and provide knowledge based intellectual information resources for foster and greater access of knowledge to various user's community.
  • To support the Institute to create an excellence educational environment that encourages the user's community for full personal and professional development and be life -long learners.